Hyde War Memorial Trust

How WW1 Changed The Community

Hyde's war dead listed by street name and house number, and showing those they left behind.
Acorn Lane, Gee Cross,
2,Harriet & James REDFERN lost their son   William
8,William NORBURY  did not return
47,Sidney WAGSTAFF  did not return
Albion Street, Hyde,
1,Martha & Walter BOOTH lost their son   Clarence
5,Esther & James HEYWOOD lost their son   John
7,Ellen & Allen LOWE lost their son   Josiah
17,Elizabeth & William OSBORNE lost their son   William
Lily SHORE (née OSBORNE) lost her husband   Albert
18,Percy HILEY  did not return
19,Harold JONES  did not return
21,Alice & John LEIGH lost their son   Joseph
36,Susan & Thomas BROADBENT lost their son   James
Terrence McDERMOTT  did not return
Alexander Street, Hyde,
28,Margaret & John SLATER lost their son   Harold
Alfred Street, Hyde,
12,Eliza & George LEWIS lost their son   Thomas
Amelia Street, Hyde,
3,Mary & William MAGEE lost their son   Frank
Ann Street, Hyde,
1,Ann & Henry CHARLTON lost their son   Harry
3,Harold BEELEY  did not return
-,Albert HUDSON  did not return
Ashley Street, Newton,
1,Emma & David ETCHELLS lost their son   David
Ashton Road, Newton,
12,Lydia & Ernest BOOTH lost their son   Arnold
44,Lena & Charles NEWTON lost their son   Walter
49,Sarah WOODHOUSE lost her son   Harold
63,Emma & Samuel WHITE lost their son   George
73,Mary & John TATTON lost their son   Thomas
80,Sarah & David CORDINGLEY lost their son   James
88,Betsey BOWER (née FERGUSON) lost her husband   Lister
106,Eliza & James CLEWS lost their son   John
112,Ruth FOSBROOKE (née DOWNHILL) lost her husband   Tom
201,Emma & James OGDEN lost their son   James
The Cheshire Cheese,Ann & Jervis HUDSON lost their son   Allan
Back Lane, Hyde,
5,Fanny WARDLE (née RICHARDSON) lost her husband   John
22,Emily & Arthur JOHNSON lost their son   Gaylard
23,Samuel BOOTH  did not return
25,Catherine BLANCHARD (née KING) lost her husband   Robert
34,Florence & Archibald DAVIE lost their son   Leslie
37,Emma & Thomas FROST lost their son   Ernest
62,Amelia & John BRELSFORD lost their son   Herbert
71,John HOUGH  did not return
86,Ada HILL (née PROCTOR) lost her husband   George
113,Mary & William KING lost their son   Charles
123,John KOWLES lost his son   James
131,Elizabeth & John CAVENEY lost their son   Joseph
133,Mary & Archibald BOOTH lost their son   Walter
147,Elizabeth & Willie GUNNELL lost their son   Fred
Back Victoria Street, Newton,
47a,Harriet MARSHALL (née MOSS) lost her husband   James
Bagshaw Street, Newton,
13,Robert CROMPTON lost his son   John
36,Ellen & John CARR lost their son   Tom
Bank Street, Hyde,
12,Margaret & James DOWSE lost their son   Henry
14,Emma & John BARLOW lost their son   William
30,Elizabeth & George TAYLOR lost two sons   Bowker   &   Charles
Barron Street, Gee Cross,
2,Mary & James BROADBENT lost their son   Joseph
Beaconsfield Avenue, Ridling Lane, Hyde,
1,Harriet TAIT (née MARRIOTT) lost her husband   John
3,Annie HAGUE (née WARBURTON) lost her husband   Jesse
Beeley Street, Hyde,
15,Elizabeth & Ralph PRITCHARD lost their son   Robert
Bennett Street, Newton,
9,Martha & Charles KEIGHLEY lost their son   William
60,Lavinia & Leonard FIELDHOUSE lost their son   Leonard
64,Harold CHADWICK  did not return
79,Frederick CATTLE  did not return
99,George ROWLAND  did not return
106,Ellen & George CLARKE lost their son   Albert
112,Martha & George KERFOOT lost their son   George
Bolton Road, Godley,
16,Elizabeth & James STAINTHORPE lost their son   Fred
Booth Street, Hyde,
1,Lucy & Albert ROYLE lost their son   Frank
2,Ernest WILKINS  did not return
Boston Street, Hyde,
4,Edward BARKER  did not return
18,Mary & William FORBES lost their son   William
John THOMSON  did not return
Bottom Row, Godley,
4,Harriet & Samuel LYNE lost their son   James
William HAYES  did not return
10,Ann & Joshua BOWDEN lost their son   William
26,Mary STAINTHORPE (née HENSHALL) lost her husband   Fred
Bottom Street, Newton,
1,Charlotte & James POTTS lost their son   James
7,Helen & Patrick DOLAN lost their son   John
11,William WILLIAMSON  did not return
13,Mary TURNER lost her husband   Silas
17,Martha & James McLOUGHLIN lost their son   James
23,Hugh SUTCLIFFE  did not return
35,Ellen ISHERWOOD (née McLOUGHIN) lost her husband   Thomas
Bowler Street, Hyde,
2,Elizabeth MAKIN lost her son   Herbert
Bowling Green Street, Hyde,
5,Emily & Thomas HIGINBOTHAM lost their son   Ernest
11,George RICHARDSON  did not return
19,Mary & James HARTLEY lost their son   Arnold
Bradbury Street, Hyde,
10,Eliza & Edward BRIDGE lost their son   Harold
15,Sarah & Christian WILDE lost their son   Richard
21,Mary & Thomas GRANT lost their son   Thomas
Bradley Green, Newton,
1,Mary & George HOUGHTON lost their son   George
Bramall Street, Newton,
15,Alice & Peter TAYLOR lost their son   Levi
Brook Street, Hyde,
12,Emma & George BARBER lost their son   George
36,Ernest WOOD  did not return
38,Arthur SWINDELLS  did not return
48,Betty & Alfred FOWDEN lost their son   Alfred
49,Alice & Henry WOOD lost their son   George
50,Annie & Joseph HEWITT lost two sons   Joe   &   William
55,Gertrude PARKER (née OLDHAM) lost her husband   Joe
Burkett Street, Hyde,
12,Betsy & Joseph WOOD lost their son   Ernest
-,Harriett HULME lost her husband   Robert
Canal Side, Hyde,
Peacock Cottage,Tamar & James RATCLIFFE lost their son   Jeremiah
Castle Street, Newton,
4,Hannah & Thomas COX lost their son   William
8,Mary & Patrick McDONALD lost their son   James
17,Mary & Alfred FEARNHEAD lost their son   James
21,Hannah PRITCHARD (née BLENT) lost her husband   Robert
-,Thomas SMITH lost his son   James
Catherine Street, Hyde,
21,Jane WILKINSON (née CHANDLER) lost her husband   Joseph
35,Mary & John SUNDERLAND lost their son   William
Chapel Street, Gee Cross,
7,Richard BADDELEY  did not return
36,Bertie KIRTON  did not return
37,William WILSON  did not return
54,Annie & David METCALFE lost their son   Thomas
Fern Lea,Martha & William BARDSLEY lost their son   William
Chapel View, Hyde,
73,Kate & Nathan SIDEBOTHAM lost their son   William
Charles Street, Hyde,
17,Sarah & James HALL lost their son   Joseph
19,Hannah & Joseph HEWITT lost their son   Joseph
39,Emma & James BUCKLEY lost their son   James
49,Hurlah GILL (née CARROLL) lost her husband   John
59,Mary SMITH (née SMART) lost her husband   Thomas
Cheapside, Hyde,
6,Esther & Patrick LONG lost three sons   John,   Walter,   &   William
7,Susannah WILKINSON lost two sons   Alfred   &   John
14,Sally & William COOKE lost their son   Howard
Margaret ROSTRON (née DAWSON) lost her husband   Samuel
21,Rachel GREEN (née BRADLEY) lost her husband   John
34,Ernest LAWTON  did not return
36,Ella WINTERBOTTOM (née WALLACE) lost her husband   Thomas
40,Mary & John OLLERENSHAW lost their son   James
Chestham Street, Newton,
14,Joanna & William DRYLAND lost their son   Leonard
Church Street, Hyde,
6,Mary & William HILL lost their son   Harold
13,Martha & Ernest SPENCER lost their son   Ernest
20,Sarah & Samuel ROSTRON lost their son   Samuel
Agnes WILSON lost her husband   Herbert
Church View, Hyde,
30,Amos SMITH  did not return
Clair Street, Flowery Field,
17,Martha & Joseph MOORES lost their son   Harold
Clarendon Place, Hyde,
13,Amelia & Thomas JACKSON lost their son   Francis
-,Madeleine PURSSGLOVE (née TERRY) lost her husband   John
Clarendon Road, Newton,
228,Harriet & James FAIRBROTHER lost their son   Austin
Clarendon Street, Hyde,
52,Mary & Joseph SMITH lost four sons   Ernest,   Harold,   Herbert,   &   Leonard
Margaret VICKERS (née FARRELL) lost her husband   Leo
Clough Fold, Hyde,
-,Jane & Benjamin HADFIELD lost their son   Benjamin
Commercial Brow, Newton,
13,Mary & Stephen DARCY lost their son   James
53,Elizabeth & John FOSTER lost their son   Jabez
57,Ellen & Thomas BRADLEY lost their son   Norman
Commercial Street, Newton,
3,Mary & Samuel WHITEHEAD lost their son   Wilfred
5,Sarah SHAW lost her son   Joseph
20,Rose & James BUNTING lost their son   Joseph
22,Alice & John LONG lost their son   Henry
55,Jane & Samuel MUTCH lost their son   Ernest
Cooper Street, Hyde,
3,Martha HALL (née SMITH) lost her husband   Peter
4,Susannah WALKER lost her husband   John
8,Alice & George PORTER lost their son   David
10,Sarah & William ADSHEAD lost their son   William
Copeland Street, Newton,
6,Mary & Alfred BARRIE lost their son   Wallace
14,Harriet & Thomas WOOD lost their son   Charles
Corporation Street, Hyde,
9,Rebecca & Thomas NIGHTINGALE lost their son   Ernest
71,Sarah & Albert MOORES lost their son   Wilfred
Cotton Street, Hyde,
9,Jennie ALLEN lost her husband   John
20,Ester & Edward ALLEN lost two sons   John   &   Joseph
24,James SHAW  did not return
Croft Street, Hyde,
12,Catherine & Thomas CROWLEY lost their son   Frederick
52,Mary & William ACKLEY lost their son   Harold
56,Jane & Samuel NAYLOR lost their son   William
75,Eliza ORFORD (née SMITH) lost her husband   David
83,Ann & Enouch LEE lost two sons   Asa   &   Samuel
95,Elizabeth & Alfred COPE lost their son   Samuel
101,Mary & Joseph TWEEDALE lost their son   Thomas
102,Edna & John WOOD lost their son   Fred
103,Mary & Samuel COPE lost their son   Albert
110,Heywood MARSLAND  did not return
Lewis MARSLAND  did not return
115,Emma & Alfred CAPPER lost their son   Joseph
Crook Street, Hyde,
40,Maria & William KNOWLES lost their son   William
Cross Cliffe, Apethorn, Gee Cross,
4,Jane & Henry BRADSHAW lost two sons   George   &   Fred
8,Sarah & Frank WILLIAMSON lost their son   Walter
Cross Street, Hyde,
3,Edwin EYRE  did not return
21,Albert WOOLLEY  did not return
26,Edith JACKSON (née HOWARTH) lost her husband   Louis
28,Alice & Georgii CALLAGHAN lost their son   Thomas
31,John BROOKE  did not return
32,Sarah & Edward WALLBANK lost their son   William
38,Hannah ROWBOTHAM (née DEAN) lost her husband   Ambrose
41,Mary & George WILLIAM lost their son   John
Cundy Street, Newton,
2,Arthur MORGAN  did not return
Cunliffe Street, Newton,
2,Sophia OLDHAM (née PARKEY) lost her husband   Charles
Daisy Bank, Apethorn, Gee Cross,
26,Rachel & Wright SWANN lost their son   Joseph
Deal Street, Hyde,
4,Elizabeth & Frederick TAYLOR lost their son   Arthur
10,Betty & John BOTTOMS lost their son   William
14,John BARLOW  did not return
18,George TURNER  did not return
20,Ann & Joseph MIDDLETON lost their son   Joseph
Dukinfield Road, Hyde,
1a,Martha FINCH (née MEADOWCROFT) lost her husband   William
William DIMELOW  did not return
61,Harriet & Samuel ASHTON lost their son   William
63,Margaret & William HUNT lost their son   John
108,Louisa & Joseph HILEY lost their son   Percy
178,Amelia & John THORNLEY lost their son   Albert
184,Albert THORNLEY  did not return
188,Anna KNOTT (née HARRISON) lost her husband   William
190,Emma THOMPSON (née CRAGG) lost her husband   James
323,Annie PLATT (née HOWARD) lost her husband   Thomas
333,Sarah CHEETHAM lost her husband   Robert
345,Susannah & William KAY lost their son   George
East Street, Newton,
8,Hannah & Walter HOUGHTON lost their son   Allen
Edna Street, Hyde,
15,Martha & Abner HAMPSON lost their son   Robert
Edward Street, Hyde,
6,Lily & Joe BOOTH lost their son   William
Elizabeth Street, Hyde,
2,John BECK  did not return
25,Ellen & Joseph BROADHURST lost their son   James
Ellen Street, Godley,
2,Charlotte & George LEECH lost their son   Joseph
Elm Avenue, Hyde,
13,George WALKER  did not return
Elm Grove, Hyde,
1,Mary & Joseph WARD lost their son   William
Fairbrother Street, Hyde,
2,Sarah & Thomas BOULD lost their son   Thomas
4,Maria & Terrance McDERMOTT lost their son   Terrence
25,Ellen & Lot PEARCE lost their son   Charley
31,Jane & James CULLEN lost their son   Harry
40,Lavinia DOWSE (née HARROP) lost her husband   Henry
Fernally Street, Hyde,
Handford Court 2,Maria & Jacobi WALSH lost their son   Joseph
5,Olive & George TAYLOR lost their son   Wilfred
11,Eliza ASHTON (née BRADBURY) lost her husband   William
23,Hannah RATCLIFFE (née GARSIDE) lost her husband   Abner
Foundry Street, Hyde,
Kinder Court 3,Mary CHANDLER (née CLARKE) lost her husband   Charles
19,Harriet BEELEY (née LAKE) lost her husband   Harold
23,Clara & James BOOTH lost two sons   Frederick   &   Thomas
27,Rebecca WELLS (née SLATER) lost her husband   Thomas
Fountain Street, Godley,
7,Maria DEELEY (née WALKER) lost her husband   John
47,Caroline & Joseph KINDER lost their son   Fred
48,Emma PEARCE (née WHARMBY) lost her husband   William
56,Mary & Thomas FELL lost their son   Thomas
57,Harriet & Arthur WOODHEAD lost their son   Alfred
60,Florence & James BICKERDYKE lost their son   George
Francis Street, Hyde,
8,Alice CARTWRIGHT (née MORRIS) lost her husband   Albert
14,Jeremiah RATCLIFFE  did not return
28,Joseph COOPER  did not return
29,Mary & Thomas BROADBENT lost their son   Harry
35,Mary WALLBANK (née CARTWRIGHT) lost her husband   William
43,Maria STOTT (née OLDHAM) lost her husband   Walter
Frank Street, Hyde,
13,Susan & James ALLFORD lost their son   Robert
34,Sarah & Samuel ELLISON lost their son   Samuel
Garden Street, Kingston,
7,Hannah & Frederick TURNER lost their son   George
41,Mary & Edward KELLY lost their son   Joseph
49,Fred SELLARS  did not return
63,Bertha & Fred BARNETT lost their son   Andrew
George Square, Hyde,
45,Mary & Albert WOOLLEY lost their son   Albert
George Street, Hyde,
60,John DEARDEN  did not return
66,Mary & Thomas BESWICK lost three sons   Fredrick ,   George ,   &   Thomas
75,Emma & Charles SHERWIN lost their son   Thomas
George SWINDELLS  did not return
76a,Elizabeth & Reuben SMALLEY lost their son   Samuel
Caroline DEARDEN (néeTAYLOR) lost her husband   John
81,Catherine & Daniel SMITH lost their son   James
83,Jane & Edwin HILL lost their son   George
103,Sarah SHAW lost her son   William
105,Thomas SHERWIN  did not return
109,Martha SHAW (née APPLETON) lost her husband   William
112,Eliza & James CARR lost their son   Alfred
116,Lucy & Joseph REGAN lost their son   Harold
165a,Elizabeth & Edward DUDDY lost their son   Frank
183,Mary & Thomas PLATT lost their son   Edward
George Street West, Hyde,
140,Lizzie & Robert KNOWLES lost their son   Fred
142,Phoebe BASKERVILLE (née LEVER) lost her husband   Thomas
149,Maria STOPFORD (née OLDHAM) lost her husband   Elijah
Godley Hill, Godley,
5,Lucy & William ATKINSON lost their son   James
7,Lucy & Alexander BOWKER lost their son   Alexandra
8,Leonard DRYLAND  did not return
10,Elizabeth & Robert BROOKS lost their son   William
35,Alexandra BOWKER  did not return
Godley Street, Newton,
1,Annie & Frank SMITH lost their son   William
Gower Road, Hyde,
9,Sally COPE lost her husband   Thomas
Grafton Street, Hyde,
4,Elizabeth & John HARDY lost two sons   John   &   William
6,Emma & Thomas KINDER lost their son   Samuel
Louis BRAMWELL  did not return
10,Marie & James HORSFIELD lost their son   William
20,Ann & Jacob MARLAND lost their son   Percy
21,Ann & Thomas BRAMWELL lost their son   Louis
Elizabeth & James CROMPTON lost their son   Lawrence
28,Nellie BINYON (née KINDER) lost her husband   Samuel
43,Bertha SAXTON (née REECE) lost her husband   David
47,Clara MAKIN (née TAYLOR) lost her husband   Herbert
49,Hettie & Frederick DELVE lost their son   William
57,Ada & Edwin NORMAN lost their son   William
60,Sarah & Jacob GREGORY lost their son   Harry
65,Eliza & Joseph HURST lost their son   John
The Highland Laddie,Maria & Herbert ROBINSON lost their son   Albert
Great Norbury Street, Hyde,
14,Caroline & John LLOYD lost their son   John
18,Margaret & George WILDE lost their son   Arnold
43,Lucy ROBBINS (née TREVIS) lost her husband   James
81,Annie & Wright WILDE lost their son   Joseph
156,Ethal ROLAND (née ROSE) lost her husband   Roland
163,Mary & Samuel ORME lost their son   Albert
Roscoed,Lily MARTIN (née ELLOR) lost her husband   Wilfred
Green Street, Hyde,
2,Sarah & John STOTT lost their son   John
5,Ethel MORRIS (née WOOD) lost her husband   William
6,Hannah & Thomas CLEGG lost their son   Thomas
10,Martha & William DUTTON lost their son   Charles
17,William PIKE  did not return
35,Agnes & Joseph PURSSGLOVE lost their son   George
37,William WARD  did not return
49,Jane REDFERN (née ARRANDALE) lost her husband   William
Gregory Street, Newton,
3,Hannah GRAY (née BAYLEY) lost her husband   William
4,Sarah TAYLOR (née ASHTON) lost her husband   Harry
Harry TAYLOR  did not return
Hall Street, Hyde,
9,Betty & Robert BARTON lost their son   Robert
Hallbottom Lane, Newton,
2,Alice SHAW lost her husband   Henry
Hallbottom Place, Newton,
5,Elizabeth ATKINSON (née SHAW) lost her husband   James
7,Jane & John SHAW lost their son   Robert
43,Sarah LONG (née BROADBENT) lost her husband   Walter
Hallbottom Street, Newton,
27,Mary & William AXON lost their son   William
Halls Yard, Hyde,
8,James SMART  did not return
Halton Street, Hyde,
4,Emma & Charles HALTON lost their son   William
Harbour, Newton,
8,Lavinia & Alexander ASHTON lost their son   Wright
Harrison Street, Gee Cross,
12,Elizabeth & Frank HAMPSON lost their son   Harold
Haughton Street, Hyde,
6,Harriet & John DALE lost their son   Alfred
24,Alice LEWIS (née WILDE) lost her husband   William
26,Sarah & James ROWBOTHAM lost their son   Ambrose
30,Lettica & Sam JOHNSTON lost their son   William
31,Hannah & James DOUTHWAITE lost their son   Henry
35,Sarah & Robert JACKLIN lost their son   Robert
36,Lucy ROBINSON lost her son   Arthur
39,Elizabeth & Joseph WOOLLEY lost their son   Harry
46,William SIDEBOTHAM  did not return
Helen Street, Hyde,
13,Julia & William BARDSLEY lost their son   James
18,Benjamin HADFIELD  did not return
23,Bertha DUNKERLEY (née CARR) lost her husband   John
25,Mary & Francis WELLS lost their son   Thomas
Henry Street, Hyde,
19,Allan WHARAM  did not return
Kirby House,Jane & John MATHER lost their son   Harry
High Street, Flowery Field,
2,Sarah & John HOPKINSON lost their son   Joseph
7,Lucy & William SMITH lost their son   James
20,Martha & Harry SMITH lost their son   Walter
26,Sarah & Edward FIGG lost their son   Percy
54,Elizabeth & Frederick THORNELY lost their son   Reginald
Higham Lane, Gee Cross,
2,Harold WATSON  did not return
4,Annis & Frederick WATSON lost their son   Harold
Houghton Street, Hyde,
23,Sarah & William SCHOFIELD lost their son   Samuel
Hoviley, Hyde,
2a,Elizabeth & John WILLIAMSON lost their son   William
6,Mary & Fred BARDSLEY lost their son   Thomas
36,Mary & Richard LEVER lost their son   Samuel
Joseph SWANN  did not return
Hoviley Brow, Hyde,
10,Clara & James RILEY lost their son   John
12,Emily BIRTLES (née OLDHAM) lost her husband   Samuel
46,Alice & James MORGAN lost their son   Arthur
Howard Street, Hyde,
1,Sarah & Frank HILL lost their son   George
15,Eliza & James GARRED lost their son   James
Hulme Hall Lane, Newton,
43,Jane & Joseph HULME lost their son   Robert
Hyde Lane, Hyde,
4,Elizabeth & Joseph ELLIOTT lost their son   Joseph
44,William KNOWLES  did not return
50,Emily & Squire HALKYARD lost their son   James
60,John ROWELL  did not return
102,Nancy & John WHITEHEAD lost their son   Robert
Jackson Street, Hyde,
30,Thomas COPE  did not return
James Street, Newton,
1,Bertha & Thomas MARKLAND lost their son   James
9,Sarah & John VICKERS lost their son   Leo
Joel Lane, Gee Cross,
3,Mary & Michael WALSH lost their son   John
41,Sarah HAUGHTON lost her husband   John
42,Thomas SAMPSON  did not return
67,Felicia & William WARDLE lost their son   Harold
John Shepley Street, Hyde,
Ogden Court 1,Hannah OGDEN (née GRAHAM) lost her husband   Harry
3,Mary MARSLAND (née MOTTERSHEAD) lost her husband   James
15,Mary & Walter BATEMAN lost their son   Joshua
19,Sarah & William GARDINER lost their son   Harry
21,Sarah & Samuel APPLEYARD lost their son   Frank
22,Mary JOHNSTON (née COOPER) lost her husband   William
34,William JOHNSTON  did not return
John Street, Hyde,
3,Charlotte & John ATKINSON lost their son   John
6,Martha LYNE (née MATTHEW-JONES) lost her husband   James
14,Martha BRADDOCK (née BROADBENT) lost her husband   John
22,Nancy & James PARKER lost their son   Joe
Mary & George SENIOR lost their son   Fred
27,Elizabeth WINTERBOTTOM lost her son   Thomas
41,Amelia MATTOCKS lost her son   Joe
Joseph ADAMSON  did not return
50,Elsie BUCKLEY (née SPENCER) lost her husband   James
56,Mary & John GREENHALGH lost their son   John
57,Margaret & Alfred ROBINSON lost their son   Frank
58,Ann & James HALKYARD lost their son   Timothy
76,Sarah & Joshua BRUNT lost their son   William
Kensington Street, Hyde,
3,Agnes SCHOFIELD (née ALGER) lost her husband   Samuel
4,Harriet & William OLLERENSHAW lost their son   William
7,Ellen BARLOW (née HAMPSON) lost her husband   John
King Edward Road, Gee Cross,
-,Horace BRUCKSHAW  did not return
King George Road, Hyde,
45,Mary BRADSHAW (née FAULKNER) lost her husband   George
59,Margaret & Albert WILD lost their son   John
King Street, Hyde,
4,Mary & Allen FOSTER lost their son   William
6,Sarah & William HALLWORTH lost their son   Harold
10,Ann & Thomas REEVES lost two sons   Samuel   &   Thomas
13,Annie BINYON (née BENSON) lost her husband   Herbert
28,Maud WALSH (née BENNETT) lost her husband   Joseph
30,Maria LINDLEY lost her husband   Joseph
42,William DELVE  did not return
Knott Lane, Gee Cross,
11,Annice & Albert BADDELEY lost their son   Richard
Lawton Street, Newton,
1,Martha LOMAS (née HADFIELD) lost her husband   Joe
Lewis Street, Hyde,
9,Ann & John MORRIS lost their son   John
Lodge Lane, Newton,
11,David MEAKIN  did not return
126,Elizabeth & Martin WOOD lost their son   Allen
128,Martha & Stephen ROWLAND lost their son   George
161,John DALE  did not return
169,Matilda & Edward GEE lost their son   Edward
Ann BROOMHEAD (née GEE) lost her husband   James
Margaret CLARKE (née GEE) lost her husband   Albert
Lumn Street, Hyde,
1,Ann & Thomas SCHOOLDEN lost their son   Jesse
2,Jesse SCHOOLDEN  did not return
12,Martha & Frederick HARDING lost their son   James
13,Mary & Rolla OLDHAM lost their son   Joseph
Elizabeth & Fred WOOD lost their son   Ernest
Ethelinda BEAUMONT (née OLDHAM) lost her husband   Charles
22,John WILD  did not return
24,Sarah & Robert CONWAY lost their son   Harold
37,Jane & John WILSON lost their son   John
76,Maud & William LOCKYER lost their son   Harold
Manchester Road, Hyde,
23,Margaret & Peter BURKE lost their son   James
30,Mary & George BENSON lost their son   Horace
37a,Martha & John KNOWLES lost two sons   Harold   &   John
49,Sarah CHAPLIN (née HOYLE) lost her husband   Samuel
67,Mary & James LEE lost their son   William
94,Martha & William HALL lost their son   Peter
The White Gates Inn,Rachel & Samuel OLDHAM lost their son   Alexander
110,Eliza & Joseph BEELEY lost three sons   Alfred,   Harold ,   &   Joseph
133,Charlotte SLATER (née KAY) lost her husband   Harold
141,Mary & William GRIMSHAW lost their son   Samuel
143,Mary & Thomas MOSS lost their son   Fred
214,Alice & John HUBBARD lost their son   John
267,Catherine & William LIVERMORE lost their son   William
Market Place, Hyde,
9,Clara & John DURHAM lost their son   Thomas
Market Street, Hyde,
49,Emma & Arthur BURROWS lost their son   William
88,Louisa & Benjamin GREEN lost their son   Harry
96,Eliza & James BEARD lost two sons   Frank   &   Harold
126,Arabella & Eustace HARMAN lost their son   Arthur
182,Hannah & John SMITH lost their son   Elijah
233,Martha MOSS (née WILDE) lost her husband   Fred
257,Albert SHORE  did not return
324,Sarah & James WADDINGTON lost their son   John
Markland Street, Hyde,
27,Frances & John LEECH lost their son   Andrew
Marler Terrace, Newton,
49,Susannah & Joseph HAGUE lost their son   John
Martin Street, Hyde,
12,Lawrence ATKINSON  did not return
18,Rebecca & John BARNETT lost their son   William
19,Harry SHEARS  did not return
26,Sarah & Frederick KEYWORTH lost two sons   Frederick   &   William
35,Ada & Samuel ATKINSON lost their son   Lawrence
Mary Street, Hyde,
11,Alice DIGGINES (née ARMITAGE) lost her husband   William
13,Frank DUDDY  did not return
17,Mary NAVIN lost her son   John
Meadow Street, Hyde,
3,Beatrice BAYLEY (née GASKELL) lost her husband   James
8,Eliza & Joel REDFERN lost their son   Harry
Miles Street, Hyde,
8,Lena HERMAN (née DAVENPORT) lost her husband   Charles
12,Jane & Edmund MASSEY lost their son   Edmund
14,Mary & Thomas SPECK lost their son   Arthur
Milk Street, Hyde,
1,Richard WILDE  did not return
2,Hannah & William FOLEY lost their son   Charles
2a,Samuel WILDE  did not return
11,Mary & Joseph FROGGATT lost their son   George
Mill Lane, Hyde,
30,Sarah & James PARR lost their son   Harold
33,Alice & Edward SORTON lost their son   Harry
Florie SORTON (néeDOWNS) lost her husband   Harry
36,Elizabeth & Fred BRADBURY lost their son   John
37,Leah & Thomas MARSLAND lost their son   James
50,Martha & James BANN lost their son   Alfred
-,Hannah HARDING (née TURNER) lost her husband   John
Mill Street, Hyde,
2,Emily HARDING lost her son   John
Milton Street, Flowery Field,
12,George LEECH lost his son   Arnold
Mona Street, Hyde,
6,Fanny & Elijah BERRY lost their son   William
14,Lily OLDHAM (née WRIGHT) lost her husband   Charles
Mottram Old Road, Gee Cross,
21,Clara & Arnold HILL lost their son   William
22,Emma & John HILL lost their son   Arnold
23,Thomas TWEEDALE  did not return
34,Emma HARDING (née DOUTHWAITE) lost her husband   James
60,Ellen & George GREENWOOD lost their son   Charles
136,Mary & George NICHOLS lost their son   Jasper
Hospital Lodge,Florence BROADHURST (née COTTAM) lost her husband   Daniel
Mottram Road, Hyde,
63,Ann STAPLETON (née FARRAN) lost her husband   Charles
78,Eliza & John WILKINSON lost their son   Harold
104,William HEWITT  did not return
127,Grace & John STEVENS lost their son   Richard
128,Emily THOMSON (née FOOTE) lost her husband   John
163,Arthur SPECK  did not return
171,Alice & Peter BROOKE lost their son   Walter
306,Sarah & George DEELEY lost their son   John
406,Elizabeth & Tom EDDINGS lost their son   Tom
Boston Bank,Ellen MORRIS (née COOPER) lost her husband   John
Mottram Street, Hyde,
3,Robert JACKLIN  did not return
Mount Pleasant, Gee Cross,
-,Alice & Albert CHADWICK lost their son   Edward
Mount Pleasant Street, Newton,
2,Mary & John CAWLEY lost their son   Robert
Mount Street, Hyde,
1,Harry MULLINS  did not return
3,Jane & Henry MULLINS lost their son   Harry
12,Arnold LEECH  did not return
16,Rose & Stephen CHARLTON lost their son   John
Muslin Street, Newton,
Back Hamel 3,John ROBERTS  did not return
21,James BROOMHEAD  did not return
29,Sarah & Allen SHAW lost their son   Allen
49,Mary & William HELLIWELL lost their son   Harry
53,Frank HIGHAM  did not return
55,Wright ASHTON  did not return
75,Sarah & Alfred HOLT lost their son   Herbert
190,Neville METCALFE  did not return
226,Emily & Issac MATLEY lost their son   Albert
238,Kate & George LEAR lost their son   George
Napier Street, Hyde,
Glenfaba,Eleanor BEARD (née QUAYLE) lost her husband   Frank
Nelson Street, Hyde,
14,Annie MARSLAND (née BURROWS) lost her husband   Lewis
15,Harriet DUTTON (née KEYWORTH) lost her husband   Joseph
29,Mary WILDE (née JONES) lost her husband   Edwin
32,Ann & Amos SMITH lost their son   Amos
36,Mercy & James ARMITAGE lost their son   Henry
48,Susannah & William BINYON lost their son   Herbert
79,Harriet & Joseph JONES lost their son   Harold
88,Martha ROYLE (née SWALES) lost her husband   Frank
91,Laura & Edwin MATTHEWS lost their son   Thomas
101,George BLIZZARD  did not return
128,Sarah PLATT (née LEIGH) lost her husband   Edward
134,William BOTTOMS  did not return
136,Elizabeth & Samuel BURGESS lost two sons   Albert   &   Samuel
Newton Street, Newton,
7,Maria & Harry PAILTHORPE lost their son   Frank
15,Annie & George NEWMAN lost their son   George
16,Louise & Alfred OLDFIELD lost their son   Fred
52,William HARDY  did not return
63,Alice & William BEARD lost their son   Harold
89,George NEWMAN  did not return
Norfolk Street, Hyde,
Raynor Court 1,Alice HAGUE lost her husband   John
7,Isabella & Walter ISHERWOOD lost their son   Thomas
33,Ann & Joseph TAYLOR lost two sons   Ben   &   Frank
37,Seline & Frederick COLLIER lost their son   Joseph
Raimer Court,Elizabeth & John WILLIAMSON lost their son   George
-,Charles DUTTON  did not return
Norman Street, Hyde,
11,Sarah & Squire HIGGINBOTTOM lost their son   Joseph
13,Eliza KAY (née HYDE) lost her husband   George
Oak Street, Newton Moor,
7,Helena FELL (née CLOUGH ) lost her husband   Thomas
Old Road, Flowery Field,
57,Jane & Richard OLDHAM lost their son   Arthur
72,Mary & Joshua WALKER lost their son   Julian
80,Allen SHAW  did not return
81,Alice HUNT (née COOPER) lost her husband   John
Oldham Street, Hyde,
13,Ann & Elijah SHERWIN lost their son   Edwin
39,Elizabeth ROONEY lost her son   Samuel
48,Ellen & Joseph LAWTON lost their son   Ernest
58,Mary & David ORFORD lost their son   David
Orchard Street, Hyde,
2,Lena FIGG (née SCOTT) lost her husband   Percy
Osborne Road, Hyde,
8,Jane & Edwin BROOMHEAD lost their son   James
Burnside,Alice & George BROWNSON lost their son   Alfred
Patrick Street, Newton,
3,Mary & John TURNER lost their son   Alfred
Peel Street, Hyde,
7,Ellen & Joseph HARRISON lost their son   George
14,Sarah REDFERN (née BRADSHAW) lost her husband   Harry
Elsie TAYLOR (née HALLSWORTH) lost her husband   Ben
23,Sarah & Samuel OLLERENSHAW lost their son   James
Florence OLLERENSHAW (née MORRIS) lost her husband   James
William MORRIS  did not return
Perrin Street, Hyde,
3,Emily & Henry WILSON lost their son   Joe
8,Lucy & Ben HARRISON lost their son   Joe
17,Mary & Alfred OLDHAM lost their son   Charles
28,Ernest SPENCER  did not return
29,Sarah & John BOON lost their son   Arthur
Perrins Yard, Gee Cross,
3,Sarah ROONEY (née DUDLEY) lost her husband   Samuel
Pitt Street, Hyde,
5,Sarah & John WALKER lost their son   John
15,Margaret & Joseph GOODWIN lost their son   Arthur
Platt Fold, Newton,
2,Joe LOMAS  did not return
7,Mary & Joseph BINYON lost their son   Samuel
Platt Street, Hyde,
8,Elizabeth & Charles SMART lost their son   James
21,Mary & John SLATER lost their son   Jacob
3 Hall's Yard,Annie POULSTON lost her son   William
Port Street, Hyde,
Elizabeth FITZSIMMONS lost her son   James
Queen Street, Hyde,
16,Ernest WOOD  did not return
25,Mary & Robert CROMPTON lost their son   Albert
39,Sarah & James HANNIBLE lost their son   James
55,Mary BRADDOCK lost her son   John
62,Mary & Henry WORTHINGTON lost their son   George
Railway Bank, Hyde,
-,Herbert HOLGATE  did not return
Railway View, Hyde,
3,Joseph LEECH  did not return
9,Harry MATHER  did not return
17,Martha & Alfred BEELEY lost their son   Herbert
19,Mary HARDY (née COLLIS) lost her husband   William
-,Harry OWEN  did not return
Ralph Fold, Gee Cross,
11,Matilda & Ernest ARMITAGE lost their son   Fred
Randal Row, Hyde,
14,Margaret & John BLAKE lost their son   Francis
Randal Street, Hyde,
4,Alice ROBINSON lost her husband   Herbert
8,Elizabeth KAY (née BIRCH) lost her husband   John
16,Margaret SLATER (née HOWARD) lost her husband   Jacob
Read Street, Hyde,
16,Ellen & William WILLIAMSON lost their son   Ernest
28,Mary & Henry CARTWRIGHT lost their son   Albert
30,Sarah & William SMITH lost their son   Fred
40,Mary & Thomas BOOTH lost their son   Ernest
Reynard Street, Hyde,
13,Naomi ELLIOTT (née BILTON) lost her husband   Joseph
Reynold Street, Hyde,
12,Mary & Robert REDFERN lost their son   Robert
The Mitre Hotel 24,Jane & Herbert KNOWLES lost their son   Stanley
24,Annie McDERMOTT (née SUMNER) lost her husband   Terrence
Richmond Street, Hyde,
2,Maria & Robert JACKSON lost their son   George
Ridling Lane, Hyde,
3,James THOMPSON lost his son   John
Joseph SHAW  did not return
15,Hannah ARNOLD (née WOOD) lost her husband   Alfred
19,Catherine & James O'CONNOR lost their son   Thomas
21,Bertha & Frederick HARRISON lost their son   Walter
41,Mary & William SWINDELLS lost their son   Frank
45,Emma & George HOLLAND lost their son   Samuel
63,Elizabeth & Matthew GREGORY lost their son   Alfred
71,Elizabeth ARCHER (née ROWBOTHAM) lost her husband   Harry
75,Sarah & John BURNS lost their son   Walter
76,Elizabeth & Thomas CARROLL lost their son   Lawrence
77,Jacob SLATER  did not return
91,Elizabeth & William TUSON lost their son   John
Robert Street, Hyde,
8,Sarah WINTERBOTHAM (née LEECH) lost her husband   Harry
16,Ada & Thomas DEARY lost two sons   Joseph   &   Thomas
Rochford Street, Hyde,
2,Emma & Joseph SWANN lost their son   Alfred
20,Esther & Abraham LEECH lost their son   William
Russell Street, Hyde,
5,Elizabeth & John BOOTH lost their son   William
23,Emma & Henry CHAPPELLS lost their son   William
35,Jane WALTON lost her son   Arthur
42,Ann & Samuel McDOUGALL lost their son   William
Mary McDOUGALL (née CROSS) lost her husband   William
Sandhill Street, Newton,
-,William O'NEILL  did not return
Schofield Street, Newton,
5,Ellison & Andrew ROBINSON lost their son   Arthur
Sheffield Road, Godley,
6,Mary & Tom MELLOR lost their son   Fred
9,Mary SUTCLIFFE lost her son   Hugh
24,Arthur HARMAN  did not return
Shenton Street, Newton,
6,Sarah PICKSTOCK (née ROBINSON) lost her husband   Albert
Shepley Street, Hyde,
16,Mary & George KNOWLES lost their son   Frederick
21,Rose GALLIMORE (née RYLANCE) lost her husband   Albert
24,Mary & George JOHNSON lost their son   Harry
26,Hannah & James CRESSWELL lost their son   William
Smith Street, Newton,
18,Albert SHUTTLEWORTH  did not return
26,Jane & John LINDLEY lost their son   Joseph
38,Eliza REECE (née WOOD) lost her husband   Squire
42,Jane & Thomas COX lost their son   Thomas
Alfred Turner  did not return
Smithy Lane, Hyde,
5,Hannah & William BARTON lost their son   Jesse
Arthur WALTON  did not return
7,Mary & William MOTTERSHEAD lost their son   Alfred
Spring Bank Street, Hyde,
3,Sarah HARRISON (née WHARMBY) lost her husband   Joe
9,Frances & William WHITTAKER lost two sons   Joseph   &   Harry
Spring Gardens, Newton,
2,Rachel & Wright ROWBOTTOM lost their son   Herbert
56,Clarrisa SAWYER (née KITCHEN) lost her husband   William
Spring Street, Hyde,
5,Samuel ROSTRON  did not return
19,Catherine & Thomas BURGUINE lost their son   John
Alfred WILKINSON  did not return
John WILKINSON  did not return
21,Thomas MOSS  did not return
23,Annie & James WILLIAMSON lost their son   James
Stanley Road, Hyde,
50,Eliza SHAW (née WELLERMAN) lost her husband   Percy
Stockport Road, Hyde,
9,Percy ANDERSON  did not return
12,Annie WOOD lost her husband   Ernest
16,Ann & Benjamin ARMITAGE lost their son   Benjamin
18,Esther & George WESTBROOK lost their son   Edward
46,Eliza & William NORBURY lost their son   William
53,Florence GREEN (née MORLEY) lost her husband   Harry
59,Agnes BOND (née MERRICK) lost her husband   George
76,Elizabeth & John CARR lost their son   John
84,Mary & James STOTT lost their son   Edwin
91,Mary & William TAIT lost their son   John
92,Ellen & James MATHER lost their son   Thomas
93,Elizabeth & Albert WARHURST lost their son   Daniel
95,Clara & George FOX lost two sons   John   &   William
102,Mary & Aaron DANIELS lost their son   Alfred
108,Mary & Henry CARTER lost their son   Benjamin
111,Mary & Samuel OLDHAM lost their son   Arthur
113,Mary & Hart SHUFFLEBOTTOM lost their son   Charles
128,Eliza & Abel STAFFORD lost their son   Samuel
167,Mary MUTCH (née AITKEN) lost her husband   Ernest
173,Polly & George ROBINSON lost their son   Sidney
178,Ellen & William THOMPSON lost their son   James
179,Sarah & Joe ROBBINS lost two sons   Fred   &   James
181,Elizabeth NORBURY (née RUSHWORTH) lost her husband   William
189,Mable & Elija WAGSTAFF lost their son   Sidney
213,Lucy BARTON (née WIMPENNY) lost her husband   Harry
277,Hannah & Adam BARTON lost their son   Fred
284,Martha WYCHERLEY (née WOOD) lost her husband   Richard
291,Martha & Hampden SOUTER lost their son   Samuel
312,Elizabeth STAFFORD lost her husband   Samuel
354,Alice & Jabez WARDLE lost their son   Joseph
3 Wrigley Square,Nancy & George BARTON lost two sons   Fred   &   Harry
Kensington House,Sarah & Joseph ROBINSON lost their son   Walter
-,Edwin STOTT  did not return
Swain Street, Hyde,
23,Elizabeth & Harry ARCHER lost their son   Harry
49,Margaret & William HIGHAM lost their son   Frank
Syddall Street, Hyde,
7,Margretta MATHER (née BLACKSHAW) lost her husband   Harry
21,Agnes BOWDON lost her husband   William
28,Rebecca & John VICKERS lost their son   Thomas
Harry DUCKWORTH  did not return
46,Lizzie & William HULME lost their son   William
47,Minni (NEE?) lost her husband   George
49,Ellen & James BROADHURST lost their son   Daniel
59,Fred MOSS  did not return
61,Rachael & John BANCROFT lost two sons   Harold   &   Harry
Tetlow Street, Newton,
4,Fanny & Hugh GRAYSON lost their son   Thomas
Thomas Street, Newton,
14,Louise & James CHARLESWORTH lost their son   Frank
20,Sarah & Thomas EYRE lost their son   Edwin
21,Elizabeth & William HAGUE lost their son   Robert
28,Bertha LEIGH (née HOYLE) lost her husband   Allen
31,Harold MOORES  did not return
36,Mary CARTER (née LYONS) lost her husband   Benjamin
37,Walter WILLIAMSON  did not return
42,Helen & John HAGUE lost their son   Jesse
47,Sarah & William FINCH lost their son   William
Thornley Street, Hyde,
6,Alice & Henry HOLT lost their son   Arnold
14,Mary & George EDWARDS lost their son   Harry
28,Fanny & Thomas FERN lost their son   William
Throstle Bank, Newton,
1,Joseph BRAMWELL  did not return
9,Walter MOTTRAM  did not return
10,Elizabeth & William MUMFORD lost their son   William
17,Alfred BANN  did not return
19,Mary & Frederick CROFT lost their son   Harry
38,Annie & James MOTTRAM lost their son   Walter
41,Thomas DIMELOW lost his son   William
51,Elizabeth ADAMS (née DAVIES) lost her husband   Charles
-,John O'NEILL  did not return
Tinker's Passage, Hyde,
1,Frances & James HOLLINGWORTH lost their son   John
Tom Shepley Street, Hyde,
32,Mary & Joseph BARLOW lost their son   John
40,Caroline & Samuel GILBERT lost their son   George
60,Mary ATKINSON (née PICKFORD) lost her husband   John
Top Row, Godley,
2,Mary & Dan WILKINSON lost their son   Edwin
8,Mary & James SHAWCROSS lost their son   Frank
16,Ada SHAWCROSS (née GOSLING) lost her husband   Frank
24,Mary & Walter KNOTT lost their son   James
Travis Street, Hyde,
7,Caroline SMITH (néeBARDSLEY) lost her husband   Amos
18,Mary & John KIRTON lost their son   Bertie
19,Emma CROMPTON (née CRIGHTON) lost her husband   Albert
24,Annie & Thomas HUNT lost their son   Frank
25,James EARNSHAW  did not return
43,Jane & Elijah BRADBURY lost their son   William
51,Elizabeth & William WINTERBOTHAM lost their son   Harry
62,Annie BECK (née REDFERN) lost her husband   John
70,Emily & Harry MOORE lost their son   Fred
Emily MOORE lost her son   Harry
77,Elizabeth & Ernest CHEETHAM lost their son   James
Union Court, Hyde,
2,Eda & Edward LEIGH lost their son   Allen
Union Street, Hyde,
1,Elvina NIGHTINGALE (née DICKINSON) lost her husband   William
13,Elizabeth SMITH (née HALLAS) lost her husband   Elijah
24,Ellen & George PURSSGLOVE lost their son   John
27,Ann & William WHARAM lost their son   Allan
28,Phoebe BRUCKSHAW (née HOLLIDAY) lost her husband   Horace
29,Mary & Herbert WALTON lost their son   Alfred
42,Anna PURCHES lost her son   John
Vale Cottages, Flowery Field,
3,Catherine & James HULME lost their son   Fred
Victoria Street, Newton,
8,Thomas CROSBIE lost his son   Gordon
Catherine & John GILL lost their son   John
9,Sarah & Thomas CLEGG lost their son   William
12,Hannah & Samuel LOMAS lost their son   Joe
26,Annie & Arthur ROBERTS lost their son   John
Nancy & James SHORE lost their son   Albert
54,James ATKINSON  did not return
106,Thomas REEVES  did not return
113,Jane & Alexander MULDOON lost their son   James
169,Ellen & John BAYLEY lost two sons   James   &   Thomas
246,Annie BURNS (née PLATT) lost her husband   Edward
256,Mary MELLOR (née LOMAS) lost her husband   James
Goodier Fold,Amy ROACH (née ROYLANCE) lost her husband   Joseph
Goodier Fold,Robert SPEAKMAN  did not return
Walker Lane, Hyde,
15,Catherine & Joseph WYCHERLEY lost their son   Richard
Ward Street, Hyde,
8,Mary & William BOOTH lost their son   Samuel
16,Charlotte & Anthony HALLAM lost their son   Fred
18,Jessie HOPKINSON (née BOOTH) lost her husband   Joseph
25,Elizabeth & Henry MOTTRAM lost two sons   Fred   &   George
Water Street, Hyde,
7,Annie HADFIELD (née KELLY) lost her husband   Benjamin
12,William PARKER  did not return
16,Amelia ARMITAGE (née ARNFIELD) lost her husband   Henry   and her son   James
19,William BARDSLEY  did not return
22,Maria & Henry HALLSWORTH lost two sons   Alfred   &   John
23,Eliza & Samuel MELLOR lost their son   William
Samuel MELLOR  did not return
30,Joseph ALLEN  did not return
36,Annie BENT (née HOLGATE) lost her husband   John
Well Meadow, Flowery Field,
28,Sarah & Henry BENNETT lost their son   Francis
49,Hannah & Robert MALTBY lost their son   George
55,Hannah & William GLEDHILL lost their son   James
Werneth Avenue, Hyde,
3,Agnes & Sidney METCALFE lost two sons   Charles   &   Neville
Wood Street, Hyde,
34,Frank ROBINSON  did not return
37,Annie & William SMITH lost their son   Fred
Woodbank Avenue, Hyde,
8,May MEAKIN (née JACKSON) lost her husband   David
Woodbrooke Avenue, Hyde,
-,Bertha & Ernest PIKE lost their son   William
Woodend Lane, Hyde,
Woodend House,Sarah & Joe TURNER lost their son   Harold
Wrigley Street, Newton,
1,Sarah DEARY (née PRICE) lost her husband   Thomas
Other addresses in Hyde,
Cheetham Fold Farm,Jane & James BOOTH lost their son   Albert
Dove House Cottage,Eli GEE  did not return
Gerrards Farm,Fred BARTON  did not return
The Grange,George SHERRY  did not return
County Council Dispensary,Mary & Robert WILSON lost their son   William