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Private 11683 Harry MATHER
8th Battalion, Cheshire Regiment

Killed in Action,   Sunday 9th April 1916,   River Tigris, Mesopotamia,   age 34

Home address:7 Syddall Street, Hyde, Cheshire
Born:1882, Hyde, Cheshire
Parents:Jane Mather and John Mather
Kirby House, Henry Street, Hyde, Cheshire
Marital status:Married to Margretta Mather (née Blackshaw)
7 Syddall Street, Hyde, Cheshire
Occupation:Tram Guard, S.H.M.D. Joint Tramway Board
Enlisted:Hyde, Cheshire
Remembered:Basra Memorial, Iraq,
panel 15.
Link to Hyde:Born in Hyde

From the North Cheshire Herald, April 8th 1916:

I received 3 letters and papers on the 7th of April. I have forwarded a post card telling you that we are expected to go into action. By the time you read this you will probably have read about the big bombardment in Mesopotamia. We started at 4.30 am on April 6th. It was just like hell on earth, Then came the final splash. We had to advance about three miles over flat land under very heavy fire. The Turks were shooting us down like rabbits. I had both my right-hand man and left-hand man shot down. I got my rifle split in two with a bullet but I am pleased to say I came out without a scratch. I don't know how I was missed. I shall never forget that day for as long as I live. We took three lines of trenches, two miles of ground. We were in the thick of it until midnight. I lay flat on my back for nine hours and daren't not move, only a heap of dirt to cover me. I am sorry to say that we had 140 killed and wounded. If we keep going on like we are doing General Townshend will soon be relieved. I am at the back of the firing now, but don't know how soon we shall have to go up again. I would not have thought that men could face fire so cooly as they did. Everything was like clockwork. I can't describe everything now as we may move today.
With love to all,