Hyde War Memorial Trust

Hyde War Memorial on Werneth Low
This web site is dedicated to
the memory of the 710 men
of Hyde who gave their lives
in the First World War.
Here we tell their story.

The 710 Men and their Stories
How Hyde Remembered Them
How 710 Names Were Gathered
The Memorial in the Town Hall

In their memory the people
created a recreational space,
which became a Country Park,
on a hill overlooking the town.
Here is a view of that legacy.

Werneth Low Country Park
About Hyde War Memorial Trust
Events, Passed & Planned
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The Remembrance Ceremony will be held on Sunday 13 November, 12 noon, at the Cenotaph on Werneth Low.

Wreaths will be laid by representatives of local civic orgnisations. This year, for the first time, a wreath will also be laid by a representative of the family of one of the fallen men.

Dowson School Choir will lead the singing.