Hyde War Memorial Trust

Hyde War Memorial on Werneth Low
This web site is dedicated to
the memory of the 710 men
of Hyde who gave their lives
in the First World War.

Here is their story:
The 710 Men and their Stories
How Hyde Remembered Them
How 710 Names Were Gathered
The Memorial in the Town Hall

In their memory the people
created a recreational space
on a hill overlooking the town.
It is now a Country Park.

Here is their legacy:
Werneth Low Country Park
About Hyde War Memorial Trust
Events, Passed & Planned
Downloads & Website Info.

Ceremonies at the Cenotaph, 2023:
- Peace Day, 25th June, 3 pm.
- Remembrance Day, 12th Nov, 12 noon.

The Park's Visitor Centre and Cafe 710:
open Sundays from 10:30am to 3:30pm.