Hyde War Memorial Trust

Werneth Low Country Park

The Park is an area of hillside with a raw natural beauty about a mile long and half a mile wide, yet only 1½ miles from Hyde town centre and 9 miles from Manchester city centre.   It is on the north-facing slope of Werneth Low.   The lower part being pasture, and the upper part grass and moorland.

The Park is criss-crossed by footpaths and bridleways.   Local paths provide easy access from the town centre, longer trails lead to interesting places in surrounding districts.   People use the Park for walking in all its forms, from strolling the dog, via energetic walks to the hilltop, to longer distance walks linking the park with other local places of interest.  

The Park is permanently open for people to enjoy.

There is room in the park for everyone to do their own thing

A young family flying a small kite.
Room to fly a kite - for kids of all ages -

A gigantic kite dwarfing a dogwalker.
and for the expert who can keep a gossamer giant aloft in the slightest zephyr.

A man riding a bike into the sunset.
Room to cross the Park on two wheels,

A man rifing a horse on one of the bridleways in the Park, Manchester in the background.
and on four legs.

There are a variety of habitats.

A small pond reflecting a tree.

Some of the trees in Piper's Clough.

Some of the ferns in Piper's Clough.

The Park has many moods.

A sunset with vividly-lit clouds.
Experience the infinite variety of ways in which the sun can set,

and rise.

The cenotaph in the clouds, bird perched on fence looking miserable.
Sometimes the Low has its head in the clouds.

Several dogwalkers looking into the distance.
Even in murky weather the views can be interesting.

Get out of the valley.
See what the world looks like from the top of the hill.
It'll do you good.

A dogwalker with four dogs and a particularly pleasant smile.

Practical Information

Werneth Low Country Park is open 24/7.
It is located nine miles east of Manchester City Centre,
in the Metropolitan Borough of Tameside.

The Park's Visitor Centre is open on Sundays from 10:30am to 3:30 pm.

Visit the Park on foot via access points at:
  - several places on Higham Lane,
  - several places on Werneth Low Road,
  - from Mottram Old Road, via Higham Cottages just east of Green Lane.

From car parks at:
  - the Visitor Centre off Higham Lane, SK14 5LR
  - the quarry on Werneth Low Road (near the top of Higham Lane),

By train - there are pleasant walks to the Park from the following railway stations:
  - Godley - 1 mile, walk up Brookfold Lane, across Godley Green, and up Green Lane,
  - Broadbottom - 2 miles, walk along the River Etherow via Botham's Hall, Laylands Lane,
  - Marple - 3 miles, down two canal locks then via Brabyns Park & Etherow Country Park.

By bus - the 206 or 207 from Manchester to Gee Cross, then walk up Baron Road.

The Trans Pennine Trail crosses the park on its 215 mile route across England from the Irish Sea to the North Sea.

It is interesting to contrast Werneth Low with the trees, river and lakes of the Etherow Valley only 1½ miles away.   The two Country Parks are connected by several footpaths.  

A small part of the Trust's land near the summit of the Low is rented to Werneth Low Golf Club.   In that area walkers should keep to the designated footpaths to minimise the risk of being hit by golf balls.

At certain times of the year meadows in the lower part of the Park are kept in trim by grazing cattle.   When the cattle are out walkers should act cautiously and keep dogs under control.

The Park is a memorial to those who gave their lives in war.   In addition it has become a valuable asset for the community, thanks to the efforts of Tameside Metropolitan Borough, and of Hyde War Memorial Trust.