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Roll of Honour of the 710 men of Hyde who fell in WW1

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Private 17183 Joseph OLDHAM of 20th Bn., Manchester Regiment

Died of Wounds Sunday 2nd July 1916, France , age 24

Home address:13 Lumn Street, Hyde, Cheshire
Born:1892, Hyde, Cheshire
Parents:Mary Ann Oldham and Rolla Oldham of 150 Ashton Road, Newton, Hyde, Cheshire
Marital status:Single
Occupation:Cotton Spinning, Hyde Spinning Co., Newton
He enlisted in:Manchester, Lancashire
Remembered:Morlancourt British Cemetery No.1, Somme, France,   A. 26.
Link to Hyde:Born in Hyde

News of Private Oldham's death, reached his sister Mrs Ethelinda G. Beaumont at the same time she received news of the death of her husband Private 10222 Charles Edward Beaumont on July 3rd 1916.

A Message of Remembrance, written for Werneth Low Cenotaph Unveiling, 25th June 1921:

United Methodist Church and Sunday School Hyde.
In remembrance and honour:
S. Binyon, F. Charlesworth, H. Chadwick, H. Gregory,
H. C. Hodkinson, W. Horsefield, J. W. Hunt, S. Kinder,
W. Norman, J. Oldham, T. Reeves, and J. Walsh.